Full Congress Rules

Whilst we are hoping covid will not be a concern we have included the below for current information and we will update following any new government guidelines

Covid Regulations for this tournament

– Players can choose to wear masks at their own discretion, it will not be compulsory

– People can play regardless of their vaccination status. We may have a number of juniors who have been ineligible for vaccination at this point

– These requirements may change nearer the time depending on the government guidelines

These requirements may change between the time of writing and the date of the event depending on any amended guidelines for the government or the venue. Players will be informed as soon as possible thereafter.

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones During play mobile phones and other electronic devices must be completely switched off and placed in a bag below the table or on the table in front of the player. A player must not have any such device about their person or carry it with them during play. A player will be immediately forfeited if during the game any such device either (a) makes any sound; or (b) is found to be switched on; or (c) is found to be about their person or being carried by them.

Child Liability

Parental Responsibility Parents or guardians are responsible for their children during the tournament. The organisers and helpers are not able to act “in loco parentis” and are not able to take responsibility for any child’s actions, or for the actions of anyone that may affect your child. Liability

Right to Refuse Entry

The Chief Organiser reserves the right to refuse entry without being required to state a reason, and to transfer players between tournaments at any time. Zero Tolerance to Abuse The Chief Arbiter is empowered to expel a player from all tournaments entered, either for a number or rounds, a number of days, or in their entirety, who shows dissent by word or action towards an arbiter.

The organisers accept no responsibility for any loss, theft or accident during the tournament.