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Crewe Congress Mornflake Stadium 2023

More Photos to follow

Mornflake Sponsored our event with some excellent food and goody bags

Photos by Brendon

First Night at our new venue Tuesday 6th June it was a full house

Crewe move to a new venue after 9 good years at the Mal’s Club

Our new home St Mary’s Caritas Centre, 65 Delamere Street, Crewe, CW1 2jx

Shropshire Junior Congress 2024: U12’s : Rapid 🐇 18th Mar 2024

Oskar Jarzynski proudly displaying his medal and Shropshire Junior  trophy

A fantastic full house at the Mals – 14th September 2022

Another record attendance  at The Mals yesterday, as our favorite annual event took place to compete for the “Les Hall Memorial Trophy”

Full house at the Malls

Lukasz and Amy in the playoff final

Oskar v Phil and Lukasz v Jakub

Doug v Martin B and George B v Karl

Bart v Rick and Harry v Amy

Trophies and presentations 2022 AGM

Lots of internal trophies handed out again this year

Harry Gardiner proudly displaying is array of trophies.

Les Hall Memorial Cup for winning the time and point handicap, division 1 winner
and Summer Tournament Long-play winner

Young Oskar on the wall of fame

Nigel Gardner winner of division 2

Oskar Joint winner Division 3     


Harry Gardiner the first winner of the Les Hall memorial trophy

Oskar scored an impressive  6 points from 6 games competing in the  U10 Megafinals

Oskar proudly displaying his trophy

Full results 

Oskar Proudly displaying his Medal for joint first in his first Junior Congress.

Smallwood Junior Chess Tournament
Under 11s (Year 6 and younger)
Saturday 7th may 2022
10am 3pm
 15 minutes + 10 seconds a move, 5 rounds visit Crewe 13/04/2022

Also on the same night we had round 5 and 6 of our internal rapid play tournament


Lukas v Harry

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Blackpool Congress 2022

A common quote  at our club, herding cats springs to mind with 12 players from Crewe at Blackpool we new it was never going to be easy getting all 12 players together. After several attempts we managed to capture 9 of 12

Earlier attempts Show two more Crewe players missing from the above picture.

Unfortunately Our 12th player had to run off at missed the opportunity for the photo shoot 
At Blackpool Congress 2022 we met lots of great people including Nick from
Below are two Crewe players being videoed played Hurricane Harry
                                                   Dave Lambton v Hurricane Harry at Blackpool congress
                                                                  Andrew Crosby the Gambit master ??
In between rounds players break away an use the analysis room to go through games this is were Dave played against Hurricane Harry

The Happy times with Les Hall May 2021

Les Hall and Dave Price at the Blue Bell  Kidsgrove

Lukasz Michalek, Harry Gardiner, Simon Layhe and Les Hall all winners at the Newcastle Mini congress

Do You Know this Man ?

Player looking for a new way to win internal games.

After several attempts to to win games in division 1

One of our new players decided to use drastic measures and have a face enhancement to make him look like Popeye.

A very busy night at our AGM

Trophies above include NSDCA Winners division 2, 3 and 5. Under 150 and under 130 cups

Wirral player of the year, club player of the year, junior player of the year.

Long play, rapid play division 1 and two and the time and point handicap.

3 Crewe players were invited to the annual UK v EU challenge match held at Fenton

Bart Fajfer and Lukasz Michalek playing for EU and Doug Barnett for the UK

EU won 5.5 – 2.5

Bartosz Fajfer against Micheal Hancock


  Alberto Gissi v Doug Barnett

Lukasz Michalek v Clive Ferry

Full results UK v EU

Crewe Conquer Newcastle Mini Congress

Crewe Players from back left Simon, Dave P, Nigel,Karl,Les, Ben, Front row Rich (non player ) Lukasz and Harry

Joint first in the Newcastle congress

Harry Gardiner Simon Layhe and Les Hall all scoring 4 out of 5 in the under 130 section.

Lukasz Michalek winner of the under 100 section

At the Newcastle Congress with 4.5 out of 5 ponits


Harry Gardiner Winner of the  Minor Section of the Crewe Congress with an impressive  5 out of 5

 Simon Layhe (far right) receiving prize as joint winner of the 2018 Rapid-play Congress in the Minor Section.

   One of several photos from our 2018 Club Blitz Night on 23rd May. Nigel Gardner (partly-obscured) playing Josh Cross; Phil Wright playing the hidden Mike Keenan and Harry Gardiner (with cap) playing Reinhard Haack (also hidden) and the two bald (wise-men?) in the background Dave Price and tournament controller David Hulme.

  Round 3 of the Blitz night 23rd May 2018 – Rick Renegade waiting for opponent, Simon Layhe (obscured) playing father Neville Layhe; Julian Bulbeck leaning forward to play Ola Titiloye; Phil Wright (partly obscured) playing Karl Lockett.

 Round 2 of the Blitz night 23rd May 2018 – from L to R – Reinhard Haack vs Harry Gardiner; Mike Keenan vs Phil Wright; Lukasz Michalek vs Richard Hind under the watchful eye of the Controller.

  All ready for the Armageddon Play-off for the 2018 Blitz Trophy between Rick Renegade (on left) and Julian Bulbeck, with Mike Keenan watching from the left and Reinhard Haack on the right.

Harry Gardiner with his first congress win at the Newcastle mini congress. He had a clean sweep with 5 points.

  Phil Wright in jubilant mood collecting the kangaroo prize at The Newcastle Mini-congress in April 2018.

  Christoph Kammerer (on left) receiving congratulations from club chairman Dave Price on winning 2015 Summer Long-play tournament (the club’s first ever internal long-play tournament)

  David Hulme playing Steve Ballantyne, with Martin Gill playing Rakshpal Khandekar during the 2015 Club Blitz night.

  Doug Barnett playing a friendly game whilst being watched by Dave Hulme

Chess on the square Crewe

 Les Hall, Neville Layhe and Dave Price Promoting Chess on Crewe Square with two Cheshire east councillors.