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If you want to learn more about chess come along to Crewe Chess Club.

You can find out what’s going on in the local Stoke league or the Wirral league. You can find out what congresses are taking place. Check out the links below to other resources that may help improve your play.

Chess Lessons – Learn with Online Courses –

Practice chess positions •

Both of these sites are very popular with club players. You will always find 1 or 2 Crewe players you can challenge. Give them a try you can play for  free or be a member.

Lichess User Names – Crewe Chess Club

The link below is very useful for new and young players

Helps with setting up the pieces through to winning the game.

It also has lots of other useful links to help improve your chess

The Fédération Internationale des Échecs or World Chess Federation it is an international organization that connects the various national chess federations around the world and acts as the governing body of international chess competition. It is usually referred to as FIDE
The below link is the full set of rules for the game of Chess. It is a must for all Chess players wanting to play in  competitive congresses, league chess and club competitions.

Old ECF Grade  to New ECF Grade  Conversion

English Chess Federation (ECF)

ECF Grading database 

ECF Congress Calendar

The ECF is the governing body for chess in England

Players who play competative chess will end up with a chess grade. The ECF publishes these grades twice a year (January and July), and they can be accessed from this website. The ECF also maintains a calendar of events, such a congresses and tournaments that are taking place throughout the year. You can also become a member of the ECF via their website – something you would need to do if you wanted to play league chess.

The official Stoke League website

This site provides news and information about chess in North Staffordshire, the NSDCA’s Constitution and Rules. It also provides links to other chess websites which may be of interest.

NSDCA Playing Rules

NSDCA Constitution 

League Management System 

Provides NSDCA player details, fixtures, Team Captains details and latest results for the NSDCA League.
Dedicated to helping chess players improve their game

Chess tempo is a great resource that can help you in every way. It provides you with problems to solve, training with different tactics with end game solutions and the chance to play against the PC when your not with us at the Club.