Chess ladder Rules

Crewe Chess Ladder (long play)
This season (2019/2020) we will be inviting members to participate in an
internal chess ladder (instead of a chess league).
The following are our rules (they are based on GameKnot’s ladder rules
1. “Chess Ladder” is a form of competition where each player is
assigned a position (rank). A lower number means higher rank on
the ladder (better position).
2. The goal of the competition is to move up the Ladder, ultimately to
the #1 position (highest rank). Players move up the Ladder (i.e.
improve their rank) by winning Ladder games. Players move down
the Ladder (i.e. lose their rank) when they lose Ladder games, and
when other players move up the Ladder ahead of them.
3. After each Ladder game has ended, both players are assigned new
positions on the Ladder, depending on their current positions, and
the result of the game:
4. If the winning player has a lower rank than the losing player, they
are moved up half the distance between their position and the
losing player’s position. The losing player is moved one position
down. (For example, if the winning player was 10th and the losing
player was 4th on the ladder, their new positions will be 7th
((10+4)/2) and 5th (4+1) after the game)
5. If the winning player is directly below the losing player, their
positions are swapped. (i.e. the winning player is moved one
position up, and the losing player — one position down)
6. If the winning player has the higher position, they are moved one
position up and the losing player is moved one position down.
7. In case of a draw, the player with the lower position is moved up
by one and the other player keeps their current position. If the
players are next to each other in the ladder, their positions remain
8. A player can lose their rank (i.e. move down the Chess Ladder)
between completing their games, due to other players moving up
the ladder after winning their games (i.e. moving up in front of the
9. When joining a Ladder, the player is placed at the last position (i.e.
lowest rank).
10. The starting position of the Crewe Chess ladder order of rating
from lowest to highest (i.e. the stronger players will be further
down the ladder).
11. Players can only challenge other players on the Ladder if their
positions are within 10 places of their current position. (This is a
guide only, if two people want to play and other players closer to
their position on the ladder are not available, then this rule can be
12. It is considered unsporting to decline a Ladder challenge, so please
accept a challenge if possible.
13. When challenging another player to a Ladder game, the player
(challenger) who requested the game will play Black, the player
who accepted the challenge will play White.
14. Each player may choose whether or not they wish their ladder
games to be rated, but this should be the case for all their ladder
games for the duration of the season. A game will only be rated if
both players have elected to have rated games (i.e. if either player
has decided they want their games to be unrated, then the game is
an unrated game).