Code of conduct

Crewe Chess Club Code of conduct

It is not possible to cover every specific eventuality in this document, and Members should be aware of the general spirit of the Standards of behaviour required as much as the individual wording of the clauses of this Code.

All Members of the club must ensure that their actions do not:

Cause gratuitous offence.

Bring the game of chess or the Clubs name into disrepute.

Code of Conduct

This includes, among other things, ensuring that the views, rights, values and dignity of others are treated with sensitivity and respect.

Members must ensure that their actions reflect such personal qualities as honesty, empathy, responsibility and good sportsmanship

All Members shall comply with all aspects of the clubs Constitution

Safeguarding Policy 

Privacy Policy 

FIDE Code of Ethics

Care must be taken to ensure that communications, whether written or on social media, comply with the expected standards of behaviour set out above.