Online Chess

Hi all

As we are unable to play over the board we are looking to set up a tournament game on lichess please use link below (at bottom of page.) If you need help getting started please contact Dave Price ( or Rick Renegade (

LATEST NEWS (2nd August) – Summer Rapid-play takes a break this week. Two divisions of weekly pairings. All Rounds now showing on the LMS.

2nd Challenge match vs Atticus to be played Tuesday 18th August. Teams/numbers TBA.

First Wednesday of each month will be a Lichess Challenege for all members. Wed 5th August will be a 5-round swiss, 15 mins RP. Contact Dave Price or David Hulme if you want to play in this one.

4NCL 2nd season due to start Tuesday 25th August. Contact Dave P or David H if interested.

CLUB NIGHTS (EACH WEDNESDAY) – First online club night was Wednesday 25th March and since then we have been running a mix of Blitz/Rapidplay events, together with longer format games for those that prefer to take things a bit slower.

Here are the Lichess usernames (30 so far) of our members:

Matthew Carr = mattcarr2600

Andrew Crosby = Portlover

Bart Fajfer = pelbonek

Adam Fields = Funkyfields

Martin Frisher = martfr2

Harry Gardiner = gingerninja2003

Nigel Gardner = rendrag

Martin Gill = Beemerman318

Jim Grange = ne0c0rtex

Les Hall = Lizles21

Ben Harrison = ben60805

Nic Harrison = Nic95

Lukasz Holcman = ohMyGodUserName

Adrian Howells = HarryHaircut

David Hulme = Pawntoking4

Mike Keenan = Mikeenan

Safwan Khan = sim_wan05

Neville Layhe = Whitevanman

Simon Layhe = Draconite

Karl Lockett = ZZCrewe

Amy Lovatt = Gnowm

James Marshall = Jambonuk

Lukasz Michalek = Good-40-percent

Kobus Nienaber = Vrystaatbul

Dave Price = baldrickprice

Mark Randell = sparky_uk71

Rick Renegade = DONT_WALK_OFF orĀ  RickRenegade

Russell Smithers = yogabija

Lee Tilton = Lee Tilton

Olawale Titloye = qqnight