Online Chess

Hi all

As we have limited ability to play over the board we have set up an online club on lichess.

Please use link below (at bottom of page.) If you need help getting started please contact Dave Price ( or Rick Renegade (

LATEST NEWS  (19.08.21) – 4NCL Online: New season starts Tuesday 24th August. Fixtures to be confirmed.

CLUB NIGHTS  – First online club night was Wednesday 25th March 2020 and since then we have been running a mix of Blitz/Rapidplay events, together with longer format games for those that prefer to take things a bit slower. Online club nights are curently postponed while we have been able to return to OTB.

Here are the Lichess usernames 

Julian BulBeck  = MidnightMule

George Bulbeck = iotawolf

Martin Burns = naughtymouse

Andrew Crosby = Portlover

Dan Cockram = Hare_Krishna_Chess

Bart Fajfer = pelbonek

Adam Fields = Funkyfields

Martin Frisher = martfr2

Harry Gardiner = gingerninja2003

Nigel Gardner = rendrag

Martin Gill = Beemerman318

Jim Grange = ne0c0rtex

Les Hall = Lizles21

Ben Harrison = ben60805

Nic Harrison = Nic95

Lukasz Holcman = ohMyGodUserName

Adrian Howells = HarryHaircut

David Hulme = Pawntoking4

Mike Keenan = Mikeenan

Safwan Khan = sim_wan05

David Lambton = djlambton

Neville Layhe = Whitevanman

Simon Layhe = Draconite

Karl Lockett = ZZCrewe

Amy Lovatt = Gnowm

James Marshall = Jambonuk

Lukasz Michalek = Good-40-percent

Kobus Nienaber = Vrystaatbul

Callum Pearson = Callom

Dave Price = baldrickprice

Mark Randell = sparky_uk71

Rick Renegade = DONT_WALK_OFF or  RickRenegade

Abdulmuhaimen Saleem = Abd_kingshorse334

Robert Scott = RobScxtt1

Russell Smithers = yogabija

Pawel Stanny = Pawel82_Crewe

Lee Tilton = Lee Tilton

Olawale Titloye = qqnight