B Plus, D Minus, E Level

No it’s not a school report, but results from last nights matches. Starting with the B team, wins for Ola Titiloye and Doug Barnett together with draws from Karl Lockett and Martin Gill ensured Newcastle D went home empty handed. So eventually the B team are on the move with two consecutive wins – like the proverbial buses. Conversely the D team went to Newcastle and suffered the exact reverse, a 3-1 defeat at the hands of the hosts F team. The only ray of light was an excellent result for James Marshall picking up our single point with a win. The E team hosted Fenton C and found the visitors employing a Mr Default on board 4, so should have been optimistic looking for both points. The visitors fought hard with  a win on board 1, and draws on boards 2 & 3 with our Mike Williams and Dylan Sayers respectively. Watching the board 3 game was great entertainment for any spectators and a stalemate ensued with one player having a bishop and 3 pawns against a lone king, after his opponent sacked his opposite coloured bishop to leave the draw ! So honours even as Fenton pursue the Division 5 title.