Race for Rapid-play Trophy

With just one week to go in the club’s summer Rapid-play the book-makers are having a headache as long term leader Neville Layhe is being reeled in.

Neville has run out of opponents while sitting in pole position with 12.5/18. In 2nd spot is Rick Renegade with 11.5/15 but has the difficulty of finding an opponent while many are on holiday or will be tied up playing the first NSDCA league match of the season. In 3rd place is outsider Martin Gill with the outstanding score of 11/12 who is scheduled to play in the D vs C team “derby” and is probably now regretting missing one or two club nights earlier in the summer.

Good luck to these three in the final week. The full table can be seen from the links on the right hand side of the website’s home page.

One thought on “Race for Rapid-play Trophy”

  1. I went, too. Matt Carr, organiser and arbiter won the prize for silliest neckwear: a dazzling bow tie that adhered limpet-like.
    Expect to see similar attire at the Crewe Congress: I’ll buy a pint for the first person to wear a spinable bow-tie through a whole day’s play.

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