One win, one loss and a breakdown !

There were two matches in NSDCA Division 4 at the AMAL on Wednesday, with the C team hosting Stafford B and the D team playing Fenton C.

The C team were on the back foot after two early losses on boards 3 & 4. Doug Barnett summoned all his conjuring skills on board 1 to defeat his higher graded opponent after promoting two pawns while his king slid to safety. Meanwhile skipper Dave Price on bd 2 found it impossible to avoid a draw which left the team losing narrowly 1.5-2.5.

The other match saw the D team come out victorious where teams were evenly matched grade wise despite the artificial grading limits showing otherwise. Lukasz Holcman was first over the winning line on bd 1 as his attack was too much for his opponent. Teenager Dylan Sayers beat his higher graded opponent on bd 4 with a smooth conversion of material gain to end up delivering check mate after chasing the opposition King from its king-side castled position out into the open. Skipper Les Hall guaranteed the D team’s first win of the season after a draw on bd 3. Martin Gill could not quite see off his stubborn opponent who finished up with a further draw to complete a 3-1 success for the D team.

Reference to the breakdown, saw our Wirral team’s match at Hoylake postponed as skipper David Hulme’s car hit a super-size pot hole while trying to get out of town causing a big puncture ! “E” team skipper Nigel Gardner came up with the following witty ditty:   I believe the team were feeling a bit deflated and tyred after the latest match? However I’m sure this won’t puncture their enthusiasm and if they carry on down the right road further success will inflate their esteem. Shame Jack wasn’t on the team as he might have helped lift everyone.