Bees clinch division 3 title

Tuesday night saw the B team climb over the line to secure the NSDCA div 3 title in a close fought match with neighbours Alsager. Early in the evening it looked like the Bees would come up short of the match win required as Alsager’s captain Alan Thomason put the first point on the score card with a win on bd 1. Rick Renegade employed his usual all guns blazing form of attack to level the match shortly after 9m with a superb win on bd2. Chris (unbeaten for the B team) Rhodes seemed to be heading towards parity when his opponent allowed their queen to be pinned by a rook and leaves Crewe in the lead 2-1. This left last minute substitute Les Hall in play against James Marshall in the remaining game. James appeared to have  engineered an advantage, but Les’s quick play and stubborn defence left James perilously short on time. With a minimal amount of time remaining in increment time and a potentially tricky position developing James opted for security and agreed a draw which meant Crewe  gained the necessary win by narrow margin of 2.5-1.5, to ensure the B team won the Div 3 title for the second time in three years.

Congratulations to the team which mainly consisted of Chris Rhodes (9.5/12), Rick Renegade (8.5/11), Karl Lockett (4/9) and resting skipper Martin Gill (2.5/8) and a supporting cast of 7 others.