What a wonderful week that was with a Fabulous Five out of Five !

Thanks to Nigel Gardner for the following write up:

Dear All

After a week of almost unprecedented success for Crewe Chess Club I thought it appropriate to acknowledge where we have reached.

It started last weekend at Newcastle mini congress where Harry won the U160, Lukasz won the U130 and Rick picked up a third in the same section. Its great to note that these are all from the younger end of our membership (yes even you Rick) and each scored great results against some challenging opponents.

Then came Monday and our F team won 4-0 away to Newcastle putting them in a very strong position to win division 5; which for Crewe would be the third year in succession (not counting chickens yet; still plotting!!) again with a strong element of the slightly less “mature” players.

On Tuesday David Hulme’s Wirral team won their fourth straight match putting them clear at the top of the division 2 table and again built on a cornerstone of younger players.

Wednesday saw our A team record their first ever win in Division 1 with some welcome new blood – Dr Jim Grange ; and some returning old, but young blood – Amy. This was a great result and fantastic that we were able to field a board 5 graded at 159!!!!

On the same night Les Hall’s D team tightened their grip at the top of division 4 with a sound victory over Kidsgrove.

Finally Dave Price’s C team won on Friday and re-invigorated their challenge in division 3. This broke the trend towards youth but again Harry was a key component in the team’s success.

All in all a fantastic week for Crewe Chess Club. However there is a somewhat quieter week ahead; or so they thought!!!!!!!!!!

Ringside tickets Tickets for Wilder v Fury might be impossible to get but the better option is surely to be seen at The Mals on Wednesday in the Perry Cup semi-final where Les’s red hot favourites “The A team” take on my also rans “The B team”. Whilst we appreciate we are there just to make up the numbers we might be able to come up with our version of “rope a dope” to make it interesting!!!!!! Entrance is free but make sure you leave a clear passage for the ambulance when they come to remove the bodies………………….

And finally; going off at a massive tangent. I thought some of you may be interested in my latest attempt to shorten my own life expectancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!