Summer tournament heads to a fantastic finale

With just a pair of games left to be played in the 2021 Summer OTB Competition, we have a four-way slug-fest to see who is our latest club tournament prize-winner. The remaining games are Harry Gardiner vs Simon Layhe and Dave Price vs Doug Barnett, and any one (or more) of these four will be the Summer Champion.

The 7-man all-play-all commenced in June with club newcomer Martin Burns the apparent favourite, competing with the above four players plus Neville Layhe and Les Hall, all determined to be part of our first OTB competition since the Covid pandemic gripped the country.

As we approach the final games, we have four players on 3.5 pts having all dropped at least 1.5 pts. Among these Martin has already completed his six games so will be overtaken, while Doug, Harry and Simon also sit on 3.5 pts and chairman Dave is just behind on 3pts, with their final games remaining. If Harry or Simon win their game, they are guaranteed at least a share of first place with Doug the only other player capable of scoring 4.5 pts. A draw between Simon and Harry would allow Doug to win outright if he beats Dave, or if Dave beats Doug we could have a 3-way tie.

It is hoped these games will be played on Monday or Tuesday of next week to meet the 31st August deadline for the competition.

Just a reminder we have our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 25th August, starting at 7.30pm and to be followed by a 5-round 5-minute blitz.

It is the intention to have our 7th Annual Time and Point Handicap on  Wednesday 7th September if there are enough members ready to return to the club, and the following week should see the start of our Winter long-play competition (two divisions of all-play-all).