Perry Cup Winners

Mon 3rd April – Our Perry Cup (U1375) team went to play Meir in the final of the KO competition in pursuit of the trophy donated by Bob Perry to the NSDCA some years ago, who was in the Meir team trying to ensure the trophy stayed on home soil. Our team was dealt the unwelcome hand of a cry-off during the day, but thanks to Matthew Dean for stepping in at the last minute we were able to field a full team without defaulting a board !

The first game to finish was on board 1 in the unusual situation of a “3-fold-repitition” leading to an early draw. Our player Steve Ballantyne was unsure of this rule, so asked for rule guidance from our captain Dave Price who assured both players this was a draw, with Steve having an advantage his opponent was forced to repeat moves that pushed Steve into a forced reply. So even-stevens for now.

On board 2, Mike Keenan produced the key victory, to underline his consistent improvement over the last 15 months which has seen his rating move from 1208 to 1336, with victory against one of Meir’s very experienced quartet. The match was decided shortly after when Phil Grocott was offered a draw on board 3, to put us 2-1 in the lead. We knew that even if we lost on board 4, the trophy would be taken from Meir by virtue of board count, where the win on board 2 gets more value than a win on board 4. Matthew Dean played a long game with Bob Perry and even when short of time sportingly reminded Bob on more than one occasion to press his clock, as Bob used all his vast experience to level the scores at 2-2.

It was an exciting journey home for our players, buoyed by the success of winning the Perry trophy from the hands of its proud donor.