“A” team clinch the Derby

Thanks to Steve Ballantyne for the brief report on last night’s South Cheshire Shield match

A very hard fought win for Crewe “A” last night.  After going one nil down things were not looking good on boards 3 and 4, both of the young lads were playing very well. Phil lost a central pawn early on and was under pressure, eventually he won the pawn back and got his Rook onto the 7th row which caused problems for his opponent. Much later his opponent resigned and Phil maintained his 100% record. Next to finish was Pav, after a shaky start his pressure proved too much and we were 1-2 to the good. Jules immediately offered his opponent the draw which was accepted, giving Crewe A the win.

I just thought i would give Nev a mention. Nev is well known in the club for his Stonewall but his defensive play as black and his pawn positioning is superb. The new members and other members of the club could learn a lot from Nev, me included.

Cheers, Steve.