AGM News

Last week (18th July) the club held it’s AGM at The St Mary’s Caritas Centre.

The main items to note were

It had been a very successful year for the club with membership growing (from 41 to 59 members) to become the largest club in the NSDCA. We had won the NSDCA’s 1st division for the first time, as well as the Major and Minor Knockout.

After 9 years residence at The Mals Club, the growth of the club forced us to seek out larger premises resulting in our recent move to The Caritas Centre.

  1. The committee was extended to recognise the significant growth of the club in the last 12 months, to comprise chair, secretary, treasurer, Events officer, Website officer and Club Steward – with some cabinet shuffleing taking place.
  2. Annual subscriptions were increased following our recent move with Adult fees now being £30 p.a and juniors (under 18 years of age) at £20 p.a
  3. Provisional plans were made to run 6 teams in the league for the 2023/24 season, with deadline of 31st August to submit details.
  4. Trophies were awarded to: Lukasz Michalek for the Les Hall Memorial Trophy/Time & Point Handicap, Division 3 champion Phil Grocott, Div 2 champion Pawel Stanny and Junior player of the year Oskar Jarzynski. Other trophy winners were unable to attend (Simon Layhe and Carmel Barwick)