A & B finish with a flourish in South Cheshire Shield

Tuesday (29th August) saw the completion of the Summer Shield competition. The “A” team hosted Meir and captain Steve Ballantyne provided the following report – A good win for the A team last night. Oskar started well and won a central pawn early on, a little later he gained another pawn. He advanced his c and d pawns supported by his rooks. His opponent resigned as he could not stop his pawn becoming a queen. 1-0.  Phil played well again 5/6 for him in the SCS. He laid a trap for his opponent offering his knight for free knowing if it was taken Phil’s Queen was check mating next move. His opponent took the knight 2-0. I definitely had a won game, 2 rooks and 5 pawns against a rook, knight and 2 pawns. I was that engrossed in advancing my pawns on the a and b file that i let his knight fork my king and rook. I still had the advantage as my pawns were nearly home. He kept checking me with his knight and rook. I glanced over to board1 and the game was very tight. I offered my opponent the draw to win the match, he nearly bit my hand off. With the match won board 1 players decided on a draw. 3-1. Many thanks to Dave Lambton for standing in for Jules. Good luck with your operation next week Jules.  Cheers, Steve.

The B team ran out 3-1 winners against Kidsgrove with the highlight seeing three new members making the debuts for the club – Ebube Christian, Joe Moxon and Gerald Parton. The points were earned by wins from Ebube, Joe and Adam Fields.

In addition to the two matches there were several games played in the Summer knockouts with Harry Gardiner clinching the first place in the Open final and George Bulbeck winning his quarter-final tie break to progress to the semis where he faces club champion Carmel. In the U1600 knockout the two remaining quarter-finals were played with Pete Kanalos and Julian Bulbeck progressing to the semis. The Club Championship 2023/24 also got underway as Cyrus Pereira clocked up the first point of the new campaign.

This week should see more action in the knockout as well as a number of games in the three divisions of the Club championship.

Hopefully all members are aware the new league season starts on 3rd October for us with a division 3 derby between our E & F teams.

We have our Annual Time & Point Blitz Handicap taking place on Tuesday 12th September, which promises to be a fun filled night for everyone.