Club Championship – Squeaky Bum Time !

The club goes from strength to strength as membership grows to over 70 members as we approach the climax to the club championship. The last two club nights have seen 24 internal games played including rated games outside the club championship.

In the three separate (championship) sections, there has now been 53 games completed in division 1, with 52 each in divs 2 and 3, and everything still to play for with just a few games remaining in each section.

In division 1, Harry Gardiner remains on the brink of recapturing the title he won in 21/22, with an excellent unbeaten score of 8.5/9 and needs just a draw from either of his two games left. At the other end of the table the scramble to avoid relegation effects about half of the competitors. Six players have scored 3.5 pts or less so far, with the safety bar currently unknown due to the possibility of a multi-way tie in div 2 where four players may tie for promotion and the expected introduction of several very strong players to the competition next season.

Division 2 is fiercely competitive with 3 players on 6 pts, three more on 5.5 pts and two others on 4.5 pts. Oskar is joint top currently on 6 pts, but will be overhauled by at least one of the other joint leaders – chairman Dave and James Coney (both 6/9) who play each other in the final round knowing that if either can win they will be champion, but if they draw we could end with them sharing the winners podium with Richard and Chineneye who both have 5.5/9.

Division 3 is complicated by the issue of some players picking up points against members that appear to have withdrawn from the event. Youngster Jamie Roberts currently leads with 9.5/11, while Pete Kanalos sits on 8/11 and Mike Keenan 7/9. It is not possible for the other contenders to catch the leader.

Events officer Karl Lockett has the unenviable task of sorting out the various promotion, relegation and restructuring issues as we look certain to need a new 4th division next season to accommodate the constant growth of our membership.

In other news we will be holding our Annual Swiss Rapidplay event over 3 nights (2 rounds per night) starting May 21st. This year due to the increase in membership there will be two sections playing 6 rounds, with an “open rated” section and an “under 1600” section. Players below 1600 may choose to play in the open section if they wish. Please let David Hulme know asap if you want to play in either of these sections. The other nights will be June 11th and 18th, so we can have trophies sorted in time for the upcoming AGM night (to be decided). Byes will be given if you notify David you cannot attend on May 21st or June 11th, but no byes on the final night.