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2021 Internal games

Oskar v Nigel

Division 1

The game below was a top of the table clash, in what looks like being a marathon internal club tournament.  I was drawn against one of the higher rated players in the club, and was was looking forward to this one.  Before the game I had had consumed a big fry-up, I like to keep the bean well-fuelled, and was raring to go.  Karl reckons we have played before, but it must have been far back through the mists of time, as I can’t remember it.

Karl v Martin

Division 2

Division 3

Mark v Peter

4th Crewe Chess Congress at the IBIS Styles Hotel 27th – 29th September  2019

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3rd Crewe Chess Congress at the IBIS Styles Hotel 12th – 15th October 2018

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Dave Price v  Jules Hawthorne Frodsham  game

Club Games

Karl v Martin

Mark v Peter