Crewe cruise to a win

It was our 3rd Annual challenge against our African friends.

But we didn’t have to travel far as we were challenged to play on Liches.

Andrews Report and below that is the report from the Nairobi captain Roberto were full results and all games can be viewed at the bottom of the report

Match “Nairobi vs Crewe” 2023


18 members of Nairobi Chess Club (NCC) had the privilege to play an overseas online match against the prestigious Crewe Chess Club (CCC) from England. The match took place on March 12th.

In fact, it was the third match because both teams already played in 2021 and 2022 with two victories for Nairobi.
Both clubs met for the first time in February 2021 in an online match whose score favoured Nairobi (14-6).
After another defeat in 2022 (23,5 – 16,5), this year Crewe came really prepared for a revanche.

All games were played online on lichess using a time control of 25 min + 10 s increment.
The match consisted of 2 games/player and pairings were arranged according to FIDE and ECF (English Chess Federation) ratings.

The result of the match was 13-21 for Crewe Chess Club, which established an overall score of 2-1 for Nairobi.

Unfortunately, the match was not free of irregularities, mainly due to the inexperience of some players in this type of competition:Dadson and his opponent didn’t show up on time and when both were online, Dadson played against a different opponent. So these games don’t count for the final score.Jackim won the first game. Then he received a challenge for a correspondence game and later a new one with correct time control but without reversing colours. When finally the challenge was correct, his opponent disconnected. 2 points for JackimCyril won his first game but played a rematch against a different opponent. Penalty: 2 points for CyrilSarthak won his first game. In his second game Sarthak choose the not allowed ‘Takeback’ option which triggered the message of cheating. Penalty: game lost for Sarthak

But all in all, the meeting took place in a friendly atmosphere and it was a useful learning experience.

Final Results

Artem Gurevich1,5 – 0,5Simon Layhe
Peter Gilruth2 – 0Karl Lockett
Vasant Ramesh1,5 – 0,5Harry Gardiner
Jay Naker0 – 2Danny McMenamin
Willy Simons0 – 2Phil Seery
Jackim Arigi2 – 0Richard Walsh
Viacheslav Chvoro2 – 0David Lambton
Sarthak Patnaik1 – 1Martin Frisher
Reyansh Agarwal0 – 2Myron Odingo
Suraj Shah0 – 2Lukasz Michalek
Hiram Gakembu0 – 2George Bulbeck
Sufian Nathani0 – 2James Marshall
Collins Oduor0 – 2Tom Smith
Johnmark Njaramba0 – 2Kobus Nienaber
Cyril Teddy2 – 0Oskar Jarzynski
Nandini Sardana0 – 2Pawel Stanny
Aseem Sardana1 – 1Phil Grocott
Dadson Rwamba– – –Christopher Marais

All games of this match: