NSDCA 2021 online Chess

Return of the Online league for 2021

Get ready for the  second NSDCA Online rapid play tournament. As before the games will be on Lichess.

The time controls are the same as in the 2020 tournament, 25 minutes with a 5 second increment. The matches will consist of 2 games versus the same opponent on the same evening, one game with each colour.

The proposed start date is week commencing Monday 18th January and as with the previous on line league we would play on the alternative week to the 4NCL on line league.

Alberto is also looking to run a congress style event over several weeks. This will allow players to be paired more equally, possibly in different graded sections. This will be a single game at a longer time control,  45 mins + 15 secs.

The event will be 4 section swiss style ungraded, so will be open to everyone and you are not required to be ECF members. The event is free and there will be no prize, except for the congratulations from your opponents 🙂

Social distancing at the Mals

On Wednesday we had a trial run at playing chess safely

Only 8 players at anyone time and social distancing was maintained at all times

 Harry and Rick Shaking hands

Using the clocks was fun but the game begins

After a serious game Harry was victorious

The night was a success and players are hoping we can continue.


Crewe at Newcastle Mini Congress

34 players took part in the Newcastle Mini Congress last weekend and Crewe took a total of 9 players.

2 Players in the under 160 Karl and Doug

4 Players in the under 130 section Simon, Dave P, Les and Harry

3 Players in the under 100 section Lukasz, Ben and Phil

Ben had  an impressive score in his first congress with 3 out of 5

Below Joint first in the under 130 section Harry Gardiner Simon Layhe and Les Hall all scoring 4 out of 5

Below Lukasz Michalek winner of the under 100 section at the  with a fantastic  4.5 out of 5

Crewe Players from back left

Simon, Dave P, Nigel,Karl,Les, Ben,

Front Rich (non player ) Lukasz and Harry

For full results 



Under 100 County Cup


Lukasz Michalek and Les Hall played for the under 100 County team at Leicester on Saturday. In view of the new grades, Lukasz got promoted up the board order to no 5 and I was demoted to board 7. After 6 boards staffs were 5_1 up, with both of us Crewe boys winning

For full results U100 results

Crewe Travellers

Three players from Crewe travelled to Nottingham Rapid play congress over the weekend. Les had a tough day in the intermediate section. Doug had some tough games and ended with 2.5 out of 6. Neville ended with an impressive 3.5 out of 6

The Telford Six

Don’t panic folks this is not about any illustrious gang of crooks, but a brief report on exploitsat the Shropshire Chess Congress for six of our regular congressers.Bart Fajfer took on the challenge of playing in the Open Section which included several GMsand IMs in the field 30. Bart chalked up a very useful 2pts from 5 games, to exceed his FIDE rating for the tournament and by my reckoning missed an extra half-point in round 4 when last to finish after a superb endgame fightback.Neville Layhe played in the Major section (U170) and was seeded near the bottom of the section. Final scores are unavailable at the time of writing and had scored a very decent 1.5/4 going into the final round, playing the ubiquitous Huddersfield based Bob Clegg (grade 163).Our best performers were Doug Barnett and Simon Layhe both scoring 3/5 in the Intermediate section. Chris Rhodes had a super Sunday to claw his way to 50% with two wins, and Les Hall mustered a half point with all of his opponents being 25-40 grade points higher.

Crewe Rapid Play Congress Results

Crewe Chess Club held it’s first Rapid play congress at the IBIS Hotel


The event had 4 sections and a total of 82 players took part

Open Section

Winner Mike J Surtees   5.5 out of 6

Second place was IM Lawrence Cooper  5 out of 6

Third was Jonathan LB Blackburn  4.5 out of 6.

The grading prize was won by  Colm Buckley

Major Section

Winner  Oleg Cukovs  5.5/6

Second John Hall  5/6

Third Richard Szwajkun 4/6.

The grading prize was won by Micheal Owen 3.5/6.

Intermediate Section

Joint Winners David Pickup and  Karl Lockett both 5/6.

Joint third place was Michael J Fisher and Andrew Townsend both 4.5/6.

The grading prize was won by Philip Shaugnessy 3/6.

Minor Section

Joint Winners Nick D Holmes  and Simon Layhe  with 5/6.

Joint Third Andrew Beswick  and Terry Sulivan  4.5/6.

The grading prize was shared between Richard Bohm and Stuart Hamilton


Crewe 1 Cheddleton 1

This week Crewe took on cheddleton twice. The  first game was at home Under 130 Cup.It was a hard fought match on all boards. It could have gone either way at various times. A particularly impressive performance by Amy who continues her great performance. Crewe won 3 – 2                                       We will now face Newcastle in the Intermediate Cup Final on Wednesday 11th April.

Our Division 4 team Crewe D took a trip to Chedddleton to play the top team in division 4.This time we were not so lucky and lost to Cheddleton 2.5 – 1.5

Full House

Wednesday, Crewe hosted 3 teams all captained by Dave P the Under 150 Cup, E team and F team.

Crewe faced Newcastle in the U150 cup, Board 3 was the first to finish and no surprises as Doug and John agreed a draw. Board 1 fell to Newcastle and shortly after Dave P was happy with a draw. Newcastle secured the win after a draw on board 5. Nev played on but after a long game a blunder gave Newcastle 3.5-1.5 win

Crewe E  played against Meir C and and as always fought hard.  Amy had another good win. Chris was the last to finish and a very good game to watch but despite his efforts the team only managed a draw as Meir C being the first team to steal a point from Crewe E.

Crewe F faced Cheddleton G. Thanks to Josh who played his first game for our F team. Tough games all round for our  team and we only managed 2-2 draw. But it was nice to see Harry use his time wisely and secured a good win on board 2.