Double Jobava tops the bill at St Mary’s.

As summer changes to autumn, so does Crewe CC change: this Tuesday St Mary’s saw the last semi-final of the Summer KO, and more early round games in all 3 divisions of the Crewe Club Championship. Horse trading continues for team members on the 8 (!) planned teams which Crewe will be entering in the league. Crewe are, of course, league champions.

In Division 3 of the championship, Gerald got his first point on the board, beating another newcomer Noah.

Divison 2 saw Chairman Price get the better of Julian B. Phil Grocott joined the early leaders by beating Steve Ballantyne. It was great to see another newcomer match-up, as Ebube beat Joe.Moxon.

We had some rated friendlies as well, notably with young Oscar playing well and showing he can grind out a long ending if needed; 11 year old veteran Oscar beat a new member, Jamie Roberts.

In Division 1 of the championship, Martin set a mating trap which Dave Lambton fell into, so Dave had to resign quickly. Karl and Neville slugged it out in a level endgame,until just the bare kings were left, though even at that point Karl looked like he wanted to play on!

The top of the bill game was the big semi-final clash between Carmel Barwick and George Bulbeck, with Harry Gardiner lurking to see who he would meet in the final. Carmel is the club’s official Jobava evangelist, and so George with white played… the Jobava! He seemed to hold the advantage against the club champ, but Carmel defended solidly. For a change George was not even in time trouble. Try as he might, he could not break down Carmel’s defence and in the end George went for a perpetual check. This meant that an Armageddon blitz play-off was needed, Carmel had 6 minutes against George’s 5, but a draw would mean George would go to the final. Of course, with Carmel now playing white she played … the Jobava! This time she won comfortably, as George started to drop material in the blitz finish.

Cup collector Carmel has been seen out and about shopping for a bigger trophy cabinet, but will hungry Harry manage to spoil her plans? Watch this space for the result of the final.

(The photo below show the young guns about to play the Armageddon)