Queen Carmel is crowned Club Champion !!

Wednesday 31st May saw another packed house, as we played at The Mals for the final time. There was just four club Championship games taking place, with two each in divisions 1 and 2.

In division 2, there was a win for James Marshall, but the shock of the night saw Julian Bulbeck defeat his own son George as he allowed his clock to run out of time. This result could possibly prevent the planned coronation for George, as Pawel Stanny has two games to play and trails by 1.5 pts.

In division 1, David Hulme secured his division 1 status with a fortunate win against Richard Fish, that leaves Richard in the relegation spot.

However the most important game of the night saw the club chairman playing Carmel Barwick, with the championship at stake for Carmel and relegation looming for Dave Price. From what I could see of the game, Carmel’s position looked very cramped but this was probably just part of a master-plan to lure an over commitment from white’s pieces to allow a deadly counter offensive. By the time all other games were over, every one remaining was concentrated and watching to see if Dave could stop Carmel from becoming club champion. With Carmel’s time deep into increments, she found her heavy artillery all aiming at Dave’s king. With a neat deflection on the queenside, she created a big pin before pushing a pawn that left a piece helpless. Faced with this Dave went on a wild counter attack only to leave his defences wide open as Carmel produced the killer blows to win the game, followed by generous applause from the gathered spectators.

All in all, a fitting climax to end the club’s 9 year residence at The Mals.

Congratulations to the new Club Champion – Carmel Barwick.

Hopefully some photo to be added …