South Cheshire Shield underway with an “A” team draw

Thanks to new captain Steve Ballantyne for the following report on the first match.

A well earned draw last night (Wed 31st May) for Crewe A.   First game to finish was Andrew, he made a huge blunder very early on and lost his Rook for free, so before 8.30 we were 1-0 down. Next to finish was Phil, he played well and gained a Rook late on, his opponent eventually resigned 1-1. Pav played his usual solid game and was a pawn up which in the end proved too strong and his opponent also resigned 1-2.  All eyes were on board 1. In a fascinating game with both players short on time Dylan had 3 pawns and a Knight and Julian had 6 Pawns. We thought at first that Jules had the advantage but Dylan played exceptional in an end game. Both players got a round of applause at the end. 2-2 a fair result I think.